Welcome to the homepage of János Mayer, woodwind musical instrument maker and repairman.


I was born in 1958, Budapest. During my primary education in Kodály Zoltán School of Music, I started to get acquainted with music in general, and with playing the flute. After my graduation in 1977, I continued my studies in the woodwind instrument workshop of Liszt Ferenc High School of Music. My first master was János Eisenhoffer. In 1987 I successfully passed my master exam. In 1993 I established my own business with three co-workers. Since 1998 I work individually in my own workshop. In addition to the repair of woodwind instruments,I am also making flute headjoints and other woodwind instrument accessories.

With 30 years of experience in the world of woodwind instruments, I am happy to undertake all kinds of repairwork, from piccolo to contrabassoon, from a small amendment to a complete overhaul. The quality of the work is guaranteed.